Volunteering Opportunities

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Volunteering Opportunities

Coalfield CT operates its services with the support of a wide base of local Volunteers. CCT Volunteer drivers provide their services to a wide number of not-for-profit Individuals, Groups and Organizations.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to help provide services to those most in need in your area. It can also be a very rewarding activity that will utilize and enhance your skills and experience. Volunteering is a chance to meet new people, and if you become a Volunteer driver, travel to new places.

Coalfield CT provides a number of Volunteer opportunities:

Coalfield CT has a pool of volunteer drivers who may be available to drive the bus for your organization. Whilst we are often able to find a driver in the majority of cases we cannot guarantee one will be available. It would therefore be useful if your group could put forward a suitable person who would be willing to drive.

If you are interested in Volunteering at Coalfield CT please contact us at the Coalfield CT office, or drop in and find out more.